Sunday, November 27, 2011

to all you lovers out there...

we've all seen movies about people who meet, fall in love,  and distance separates them, and two people give all they have to find each other.  or the movies where it's love at first site, or.....

books.  that captivate their reader for hours on end.

whatever, you know what i mean.

we all have some sort of love story.  whether it be finding a new friend, our family, having kids, or finding your husband/wife.  

in light of the Christmas season, i have a question for you.  how far would you go for love?  to find it, receive it, rescue it?  

the Father gave His only Son.  in my opinion, the giving of His Son was not just a gift, but a love story too.   

so, how far would go?  i'd love to hear your story.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

indiana is for pinterester's

hi friends.  i'm sitting in starbucks again...i've been here 6.25 hours thus far.  i have never spent so much time in a starbucks in ALL my life (please exclude the time in my life when i was an employee, and all this starbucks talk will make more sense later.  keep reading).


yesterday, kristin didn't have to work, so we spent the day together.  i took her to lunch at The Tin Lizzie.  she had never heard of it, which i couldn't believe, so that's where we headed.  it was a rainy day, so a warm sandwich and a cup of soup was perfect.  isn't she extraordinary?

after lunch we headed to centerville, indiana to an antique mall.  now, let me be honest, i didn't have much hope for this place.  centerville is much smaller than richmond and in the middle of NO WHERE!  i thought, "what is a place like centerville going to have to offer?"  but i kept my opinion to myself.  

i was SOOOOOOOO wrong.  you know all the super old, but really cool things you find on pinterest that you only dream of finding in an antique/thrift store near you?  well, they're in this building.  you wouldn't believe the prices either.  the furniture is basically free compared to prices in the DFW area.  take a look at these pieces...




what a FABULOUS idea!

$55 - i'm not kidding

for kimber...

i wanted all 23 camera's on the shelf

had original film and all

can you believe it?  i could post 1,000 pictures of stuff i found, but you get the idea.  you should have heard all the moaning and grunting from krisin and i because we wanted EVERYTHING we saw.  i even bought kimber's little baby boo a present while there ;) i wanted a truck, the boy to load it all up, and a lot more money.  but regardless, we had a great time there.

as we pulled out of the parking lot, i noticed a cemetery just up the street.  before you blame me for being all morbid and stuff, let me explain.  kristin really enjoys going to cemeteries on a occasion and likes to read the names and dates on the tomb stones.  she finds them peaceful and will sometimes make up stories about who the people were and the lives they lived.  she's very creative like that.  so we went!  this particular place was really old, dating back to 1819.  here's a few shots i snapped while there.
the sky was very fitting for the location
she's wearing lace and toms.  my kinda girl.

we were admiring a name...i think.

a little on the eerie side?
so, that's that for tuesday.  a great day to just be girlie and be sister's and do whatever we wanted.

goodness i love my sister.  i'm blessed to get to be in her life.


trips away from my "normal" tend to teach/show me a lot  i try things i've never tried before.  do things i've never done before.  and learn things i wouldn't take time for.  

let's go back to starbucks and i'll tell you a little story:

monday when kristin was working, i went to starbucks to get some work done. and i had 7 hours.
it was the most comfortable place in richmond that offered wifi and i knew the steady stream of coffee would be beneficial.  so, for the next 7 hours, i would hang out there.  
the moment i walked in to the place i noticed #cutestarbucksdude.  i sat down to work and kept an eye on him.  (yes he knows he's in this post, and he's ok with it)
i may or may not have been pretending to have music playing in my headphones so i could hear what he said to others. haha.  
in my efforts to find a power outlet, the table next to him just happened to open up, and low and behold a power outlet!  it was a God send.
i may or may not have sprinted to the table.  
and i may or may not have slightly embarrassed myself in the process.  
any.way, 6 hours later, i have a new friend.  we'll call him Starbucks Paul.  in my effort to get work done, i talked, and listened, instead of working (he talked too, don't worry).  he is an entrepreneur, is self employed (managing several business'), and a college graduate.  he loves the Lord, and loves his family very much.  he works hard, was very polite and is really funny. i was very impressed.  

now i'm sure you're asking yourself, "how could she possibly think she knows this much about a person in such a short amount of time?!"  well he's either the best con artist i've ever encountered or completely genuine.  trust me, i asked all the right questions.  

i'm also very sure you're asking why i have taken so much time to tell you about Starbucks Paul.  

well, i'll tell you.

because i find it very interesting the people God walks into my life.  when on the road, in a different state, in a very little city, at the most random starbucks.  being self employed, it was great to talk with someone who understood the process, had been doing it longer than i have, has been successful, saw the greater good in ditching the 9-5, believed in our generation to make a difference in the world, and with out knowing it, offered so much encouragement.  i mean, loads of encouragement without even knowing it.

encouragement i so desperately needed. 

and that's why i took the time to tell you about Starbucks Paul.  he's an encourager.  and that's worth honoring.

so, thank you Starbucks Paul.  you left a lasting impression on this girl.

he has no idea i took this picture.  ;)

have a very happy thanksgiving.  gobble gobble!

peace and love.

Monday, November 21, 2011

richmond for lunch

so i'm hangin' out with the little sister and her in-law family for thanksgiving this year.  a change in scenery for me, so it's been a little weird.  but everyone has been SO nice to me, and welcomed me with open arms.  today, i spent the afternoon alone while everyone worked.  like a goober, i forgot my "real camera," and settled for a few iphone shots.  i'll elaborate more later on the trip, but for now, here are some shots.

an old fashion suit company.  by appointment only.

just the side of a building.  great texture.

i wish the iphone picture did it's beauty justice

another cool church

love it.
i liked the color contrast on all the pieces. classic photo spot 

a place where no one knows your name for lunch.
inside.  so quaint.

GO HERE!  it's delish!

peace and love.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

a long time comin' or for Kristin

hi. ya. its been a long time. i have to move on though, before i forget...

remember THIS post and the bath...mmmkay. well, tonight the house was perfectly still, i'm the only adult home and the ache in my hands and arms is pretty awful, so i decide to take a bath.

tonight, the water is hotter than normal (don't worry it doesn't get weird). as mentioned in the fore-mentioned post, i gently step into the water. and it was like the Lord instantaneously started speaking. here's the gist...

i've taken a slight detour in my road of life. i'm not where He told me to go and to be, and in a lot of ways i'm reaping the consequences of that. curious to know? here's a few:

-relationships (boys and close friends - x2)
-sound mind (this is a whole other chapter, trust me, its bad)

like i said, a few. back to what He said. He warned me that the steps back into the waters were more cautious on my part, not His. that the water isn't hotter (let that sink in...). He also said that the things He's promised me are so close. if i'll just stick close by, and hold His hand they would start to come to fruition.

i had dinner with a dear friend and mentor this week. and she listened to all my complaints and ho-hums. we laughed at how ridiculous this circumstance was and i yelled about how mad i was - at me. and then she said something like this - however far i've drifted from His plan, the journey back didn't have to take as long.

pretty good, huh? think about it. let it sink in.

lets say i had been drifting for 45 years away from the Lord. in a matter of seconds, i can be right back where He intended me to be.....

i read this quote on my twitter feed today: "It's not repentance that causes the Father's love, but rather the reverse."

i'm still in love with my first Love.

sorry if the whole bath thing is weird. it's where He spoke, i simply listened. i hope it made sense.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

i know that you are for me

the days since i've been here last seem too numerous. but maybe not...there have been a lot of going-ons in the world of "me".

the Lord is challenging me in big, big ways. the kind of challenges that take you right out of your comfort zone. the kind that make your heart race and the kind that make you so uncomfortable you don't even feel like yourself. but all at the same time you feel empowered, strong and beautiful.

its an tranquil ride.

i'm actually really enjoying it.

i am having to keep my feet on the ground, remind my self that i am not a magician and that only He can make all this work.

so in my humanness i started trying to figure it all out and cloud hop. i needed to just pray and have a few relaxing moments alone with the Lord the other night. i knew if i went to my room or starbucks, i would find a hundred other things to do or focus on. so what did i do? i took a bath. now, if you don't know me very well, there's probably a little something that you should know about me. i hate taking baths [don't ask, another post for another time]. anyway, i knew it was the only way, so i turned the water as hot as it would go, put some baby bubble bath stuff in there, like i do for the little guys around our house, and eased my way in.

too much info?


let me explain.

in the quietness of the bathroom and the stillness of the water, i heard the Lord begin to speak. He talked about the path He's taken me down. how He's had to ease me into the plan He has for me. because He knows me best. had He swooped me up and thrown this daughter of His right into the middle of the water, it would have burned and been excruciating to figure out what to do once there. i wouldn't have trusted Him enough to let Him put me there. instead, He took my the hand, and gently led me right to the place He wants me. He led me by, and right to the still waters, that i might see His full and complete purpose for my next step in life with Him. to know why now, and not then.

He spoke of trust, and if i continued to try and figure it all out, my humanness would see me OUT of the water. that it wouldn't make any sense. that i couldn't handle all that He had for me.

how amazing that His plans are so much greater than what i can create in my own head. He loves me enough to create a way specific to just me. how He loves me so.

He has adequately prepared me, lead me down a path. just the way He knew i would need Him too.
so all day today, i can't get away from this song. i woke up singing it. here are the words. written for me on this day.

So faithful
So constant
So loving and so true
So powerful in all You do
You fill me
You see me
You know my every move
You love for me to sing to You
I know that You are for me
I know that You are for me
I know that You will never
Forsake me in my weakness
I know that You have come now
Even if to write upon my heart
To remind me who You are

So patient
So gracious
So merciful and true
So wonderful in all You do
You fill me
You see me
You know my every move
You love for me to sing to You
peace and love.

p.s. i don't hate baths as much anymore. ;)


Monday, February 7, 2011

sketch that!

i'd like to think i'm a writer, an artist. some tell me that i am...but my greatest quest is to find out what I AM says that i am. i believe He's called me to be an artist of all kinds. i just have to believe that the ability is really in me.

what am i afraid of.

what will i discover.

where will it take me.

can i do it.

i don't want to be a fake.

here goes nothing.

so in effort to develop the skill i must believe is in me, i'm taking this class. i'm really excited. it starts tomorrow and i have to go get going back to school shopping (too bad i don't need an outfit).

i am so excited to see where it takes me, and what skills are dug up from within.

i think He's got great things in store.

here we go!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

who wouldn't want to spend the whole day with that little face?

i absolutely love unexpected days off. off from alarms, rushing, traffic, work, making my bed, e.mails, office phones, all things ordinary.

i am thoroughly enjoying the peace and serenity, the warmth in my heart and in the house, the late cups of coffee and the smell of home made cookies.

there will be crafting, baking, creating, giggles and playing in the snow.

all through out the day i've prayed for my own home i'll have some day. i stood in the doorway and snapped a few pics of jaxson running through the snow, i even secretly and silently prayed for my own children i hope to have some day. and my heart sang.

happy snow day everyone.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

tick. tock. tick. tock

first, you should know this about me. i HATE, HATE, HATE clocks that tick. HATE THEM. they cause my insides to cringe and i feel as though my entire body is trying to set itself to the "beat" of the clock. its very painful. it's very distracting. hate them.

so. yesterday, i go to get my hair cut. and while i'm there i also buy a very cute watch from hair cutter-extraordinaire. this watch is very cute. i get back to my office around lunch time and am blogging (i know what you're thinking, your wasting time! hello, i know). anyway. while blogging i realize this watch ticks so loud that its echoing in the metal casing its in. it is L-O-U-D! and painful! and more than annoying. so, as a result, i sit with my arm behind my chair the rest of the day. i really did, it's that annoying too.

that brings me to today. once again, i'm farting around on the internet for a while, and then decide to import the video announcement footage to my iMovie to begin editing. i click on the camera import button, and instead of the computer realizing i have one connected to it, it pulls up my laptop camera and i see this message behind me:

in case you can't read it says, "undisciplined time will always flow toward weakness." the quote you see is from my pastor. he said that a few weeks ago in his sunday morning message. this is where my whole time revelation came from.

not only is the watch a constant reminder of my time passing me by, but i have this too. the Lord is clearly trying to teach me something. rearrange me in a way. in fact, He wrote it on my wall...which is something we all wish that He would do every now and then, right? have you ever said, "God, i need answer. i think i know the answer, but if you could just leave me a message somewhere for me to see, that would be awesome. like leave me a note or write it in the sky?" well i got one on a calendar/dry erase board - turned message board.

no, i will not be taking my very irritating watch back. and no, i won't be erasing that board any time soon. and i'm very grateful for the very tough lesson being learned.

peace and love.

Monday, January 17, 2011

fly by.

it was a foggy day here in fort worth yesterday...cold (not frigid, just cold), dark, damp, and still. yes, still. i have a lot of feelings about foggy, wet rainy days. for the most part, i don’t care for them. my joints hurt and i want to just stay in my bed where its warm and comfy. and i can’t. its fairly irritating.

anyway. so while this very still day is happening, i am reminded of a lot times that have passed me by and time i let fly by, with nothing to show for it. it started with how fast my morning at work went. for me it was work, for 800 other people, it was church. when i got home and walked through the garage, i started to stop, look back at my car and wonder, “what just happened?” it was very strange. it was like the morning came and went, with no warning. and after lunch, we all stopped for a quiet rest time...except for jaxson (and here’s where this whole time thing began to unravel). i was laying on the couch fixing to doze off and he started to talk to me about the video game he was playing. i had no idea what he was talking about, but i couldn’t help but feel a little sad that my 4 year old - very-close-to-being-5-year-old buddy was growing up WAY too fast. and then i thought of sweet little parker-boo that a year ago was just so itty-bitty and is now a walking, super cute chunky monkey. and then jeremy and kimber came over and i was reminded of their wedding last june, and my sisters wedding in july, and all that the two couples are accomplishing since their union. it’s A-MAZING to watch. and then there’s the holidays, and opportunities, and....all of these wonderful memories just went flying by in my head, followed by the silent reminders of all i have ever wanted to do, and haven’t. things i made excuses for not accomplishing. and on the inside i had to scream, “STOP!”

i can’t tell you if its change that intimidates me the most or time in general. i have all these hopes and dreams and desires and passions and i frantically beg the Lord to bring them about some how, some way. throwing the typical, “but of course, only if it’s Your will.” blah.

but my thoughts led me to our greatest example of how life should be lived and time should be spent. Jesus. now i can honestly tell you i have not read the Bible all the way through. and i can say that i haven’t read the new testament in its entirety. but what i have read about Jesus and His life here on our planet was that His time was spent wisely. He didn’t sit at the well with the woman, and all of a sudden jump up frantically and say, “holy cow, look at the time! i was supposed to be with ‘the guys’ 15 minutes ago. CRAP!” and run off. He also never went to pray and told the Father, “i over slept today, we’ll try this whole prayer thing tomorrow.” nope. everything He did was intentional, deliberate, and time spent wisely.

i say ALL of that to say this. i made a list of new years resolutions. for the first time EVER. they were all prayerfully chosen and very intentional. but one of the things that the Lord is speaking to me about is my time. i’m terrible at it. i snooze my alarm from anywhere to 15-45 minutes every morning. i can say i’m almost done, or packing up to leave work or anywhere else, and two hours will go by. not only frustrating to me, but frustrating to others as well. i get lost in creative thought and lose half a day at work. i have a list in my head at the beginning of the day of all the things i’m going to do with my free time, and at whatever late hour i decide to go to bed i realized i’ve gotten nothing done. and the list goes on.

Lord, help me to live with intention, and for wisdom to come in time.