Monday, February 7, 2011

sketch that!

i'd like to think i'm a writer, an artist. some tell me that i am...but my greatest quest is to find out what I AM says that i am. i believe He's called me to be an artist of all kinds. i just have to believe that the ability is really in me.

what am i afraid of.

what will i discover.

where will it take me.

can i do it.

i don't want to be a fake.

here goes nothing.

so in effort to develop the skill i must believe is in me, i'm taking this class. i'm really excited. it starts tomorrow and i have to go get going back to school shopping (too bad i don't need an outfit).

i am so excited to see where it takes me, and what skills are dug up from within.

i think He's got great things in store.

here we go!

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