Wednesday, November 23, 2011

indiana is for pinterester's

hi friends.  i'm sitting in starbucks again...i've been here 6.25 hours thus far.  i have never spent so much time in a starbucks in ALL my life (please exclude the time in my life when i was an employee, and all this starbucks talk will make more sense later.  keep reading).


yesterday, kristin didn't have to work, so we spent the day together.  i took her to lunch at The Tin Lizzie.  she had never heard of it, which i couldn't believe, so that's where we headed.  it was a rainy day, so a warm sandwich and a cup of soup was perfect.  isn't she extraordinary?

after lunch we headed to centerville, indiana to an antique mall.  now, let me be honest, i didn't have much hope for this place.  centerville is much smaller than richmond and in the middle of NO WHERE!  i thought, "what is a place like centerville going to have to offer?"  but i kept my opinion to myself.  

i was SOOOOOOOO wrong.  you know all the super old, but really cool things you find on pinterest that you only dream of finding in an antique/thrift store near you?  well, they're in this building.  you wouldn't believe the prices either.  the furniture is basically free compared to prices in the DFW area.  take a look at these pieces...




what a FABULOUS idea!

$55 - i'm not kidding

for kimber...

i wanted all 23 camera's on the shelf

had original film and all

can you believe it?  i could post 1,000 pictures of stuff i found, but you get the idea.  you should have heard all the moaning and grunting from krisin and i because we wanted EVERYTHING we saw.  i even bought kimber's little baby boo a present while there ;) i wanted a truck, the boy to load it all up, and a lot more money.  but regardless, we had a great time there.

as we pulled out of the parking lot, i noticed a cemetery just up the street.  before you blame me for being all morbid and stuff, let me explain.  kristin really enjoys going to cemeteries on a occasion and likes to read the names and dates on the tomb stones.  she finds them peaceful and will sometimes make up stories about who the people were and the lives they lived.  she's very creative like that.  so we went!  this particular place was really old, dating back to 1819.  here's a few shots i snapped while there.
the sky was very fitting for the location
she's wearing lace and toms.  my kinda girl.

we were admiring a name...i think.

a little on the eerie side?
so, that's that for tuesday.  a great day to just be girlie and be sister's and do whatever we wanted.

goodness i love my sister.  i'm blessed to get to be in her life.


trips away from my "normal" tend to teach/show me a lot  i try things i've never tried before.  do things i've never done before.  and learn things i wouldn't take time for.  

let's go back to starbucks and i'll tell you a little story:

monday when kristin was working, i went to starbucks to get some work done. and i had 7 hours.
it was the most comfortable place in richmond that offered wifi and i knew the steady stream of coffee would be beneficial.  so, for the next 7 hours, i would hang out there.  
the moment i walked in to the place i noticed #cutestarbucksdude.  i sat down to work and kept an eye on him.  (yes he knows he's in this post, and he's ok with it)
i may or may not have been pretending to have music playing in my headphones so i could hear what he said to others. haha.  
in my efforts to find a power outlet, the table next to him just happened to open up, and low and behold a power outlet!  it was a God send.
i may or may not have sprinted to the table.  
and i may or may not have slightly embarrassed myself in the process.  
any.way, 6 hours later, i have a new friend.  we'll call him Starbucks Paul.  in my effort to get work done, i talked, and listened, instead of working (he talked too, don't worry).  he is an entrepreneur, is self employed (managing several business'), and a college graduate.  he loves the Lord, and loves his family very much.  he works hard, was very polite and is really funny. i was very impressed.  

now i'm sure you're asking yourself, "how could she possibly think she knows this much about a person in such a short amount of time?!"  well he's either the best con artist i've ever encountered or completely genuine.  trust me, i asked all the right questions.  

i'm also very sure you're asking why i have taken so much time to tell you about Starbucks Paul.  

well, i'll tell you.

because i find it very interesting the people God walks into my life.  when on the road, in a different state, in a very little city, at the most random starbucks.  being self employed, it was great to talk with someone who understood the process, had been doing it longer than i have, has been successful, saw the greater good in ditching the 9-5, believed in our generation to make a difference in the world, and with out knowing it, offered so much encouragement.  i mean, loads of encouragement without even knowing it.

encouragement i so desperately needed. 

and that's why i took the time to tell you about Starbucks Paul.  he's an encourager.  and that's worth honoring.

so, thank you Starbucks Paul.  you left a lasting impression on this girl.

he has no idea i took this picture.  ;)

have a very happy thanksgiving.  gobble gobble!

peace and love.

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