Wednesday, January 19, 2011

tick. tock. tick. tock

first, you should know this about me. i HATE, HATE, HATE clocks that tick. HATE THEM. they cause my insides to cringe and i feel as though my entire body is trying to set itself to the "beat" of the clock. its very painful. it's very distracting. hate them.

so. yesterday, i go to get my hair cut. and while i'm there i also buy a very cute watch from hair cutter-extraordinaire. this watch is very cute. i get back to my office around lunch time and am blogging (i know what you're thinking, your wasting time! hello, i know). anyway. while blogging i realize this watch ticks so loud that its echoing in the metal casing its in. it is L-O-U-D! and painful! and more than annoying. so, as a result, i sit with my arm behind my chair the rest of the day. i really did, it's that annoying too.

that brings me to today. once again, i'm farting around on the internet for a while, and then decide to import the video announcement footage to my iMovie to begin editing. i click on the camera import button, and instead of the computer realizing i have one connected to it, it pulls up my laptop camera and i see this message behind me:

in case you can't read it says, "undisciplined time will always flow toward weakness." the quote you see is from my pastor. he said that a few weeks ago in his sunday morning message. this is where my whole time revelation came from.

not only is the watch a constant reminder of my time passing me by, but i have this too. the Lord is clearly trying to teach me something. rearrange me in a way. in fact, He wrote it on my wall...which is something we all wish that He would do every now and then, right? have you ever said, "God, i need answer. i think i know the answer, but if you could just leave me a message somewhere for me to see, that would be awesome. like leave me a note or write it in the sky?" well i got one on a calendar/dry erase board - turned message board.

no, i will not be taking my very irritating watch back. and no, i won't be erasing that board any time soon. and i'm very grateful for the very tough lesson being learned.

peace and love.


  1. someone we both know and love would say something like this:

    the things we try to avoid the most are the things we need to confront.

    Only...he would have not put a period and there would have been a sentence before and after it and you wouldn't really know for sure where one started and the other ended and you'd have to read it like a bazillion times and ultimately come to your own conclusion about what he was actually trying to say...but anyway. he's still more than likely correct (don't tell him I said the "more than likely" part, please).

    I think the reason you hate the tick tock of clocks is because its a constant reminder that time is passing, and that stuff that should be getting done might NOT be getting done. I wonder if you would notice it as much if you got a handle on your ability to manage your time? Maybe thats the only way you'll ever be free?

    I love you Amber...and I'm very proud of you for working thru this. The truth WILL set you free!

    Oh...and I love the watch...super cute! ;)

  2. "Farting around on the Internet." Hehehe...