Saturday, July 30, 2011

a long time comin' or for Kristin

hi. ya. its been a long time. i have to move on though, before i forget...

remember THIS post and the bath...mmmkay. well, tonight the house was perfectly still, i'm the only adult home and the ache in my hands and arms is pretty awful, so i decide to take a bath.

tonight, the water is hotter than normal (don't worry it doesn't get weird). as mentioned in the fore-mentioned post, i gently step into the water. and it was like the Lord instantaneously started speaking. here's the gist...

i've taken a slight detour in my road of life. i'm not where He told me to go and to be, and in a lot of ways i'm reaping the consequences of that. curious to know? here's a few:

-relationships (boys and close friends - x2)
-sound mind (this is a whole other chapter, trust me, its bad)

like i said, a few. back to what He said. He warned me that the steps back into the waters were more cautious on my part, not His. that the water isn't hotter (let that sink in...). He also said that the things He's promised me are so close. if i'll just stick close by, and hold His hand they would start to come to fruition.

i had dinner with a dear friend and mentor this week. and she listened to all my complaints and ho-hums. we laughed at how ridiculous this circumstance was and i yelled about how mad i was - at me. and then she said something like this - however far i've drifted from His plan, the journey back didn't have to take as long.

pretty good, huh? think about it. let it sink in.

lets say i had been drifting for 45 years away from the Lord. in a matter of seconds, i can be right back where He intended me to be.....

i read this quote on my twitter feed today: "It's not repentance that causes the Father's love, but rather the reverse."

i'm still in love with my first Love.

sorry if the whole bath thing is weird. it's where He spoke, i simply listened. i hope it made sense.

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