Monday, November 21, 2011

richmond for lunch

so i'm hangin' out with the little sister and her in-law family for thanksgiving this year.  a change in scenery for me, so it's been a little weird.  but everyone has been SO nice to me, and welcomed me with open arms.  today, i spent the afternoon alone while everyone worked.  like a goober, i forgot my "real camera," and settled for a few iphone shots.  i'll elaborate more later on the trip, but for now, here are some shots.

an old fashion suit company.  by appointment only.

just the side of a building.  great texture.

i wish the iphone picture did it's beauty justice

another cool church

love it.
i liked the color contrast on all the pieces. classic photo spot 

a place where no one knows your name for lunch.
inside.  so quaint.

GO HERE!  it's delish!

peace and love.


  1. I would have never guessed these were taken on your phone. Great shots. Love them and you!

    P.S. I miss you terribly.

  2. thank you my dear. i love you too. and i miss you like crazy.