Sunday, November 27, 2011

to all you lovers out there...

we've all seen movies about people who meet, fall in love,  and distance separates them, and two people give all they have to find each other.  or the movies where it's love at first site, or.....

books.  that captivate their reader for hours on end.

whatever, you know what i mean.

we all have some sort of love story.  whether it be finding a new friend, our family, having kids, or finding your husband/wife.  

in light of the Christmas season, i have a question for you.  how far would you go for love?  to find it, receive it, rescue it?  

the Father gave His only Son.  in my opinion, the giving of His Son was not just a gift, but a love story too.   

so, how far would go?  i'd love to hear your story.

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