Sunday, September 27, 2009

its a good day

sometimes, it's the simple things in life.

i had a really good. quite productive if i say so myself. house cleaning, laundry, fabric store, banquet, home poster project and my little surprise i found when i came into my room. jaxson left me this little present.....(yes i know the chair is ugly, its a work in progress)

i love it when he leaves his very special cars in my room. i know he's been there, and hopefully thought about me and he remembers that i love him.

today we were riding in the car together, and things had been quiet for a few minutes and he looked over at me and said, "whut you finking about see-see?" [a question i ask him all the time when he's too quiet]. and i had the opportunity to tell him that i was thinking about how much i loved him and how i couldn't live with out him in my life and that he was so very special to me. and being three he smiled real big and giggled.

i couldn't help but laugh with him. it's the childlike mind of his that i love so much. it reminds me of how my relationship with Lord should be. how i should just be able to sit and listen to Him speak to me and giggle when He tells me He loves me. hmmm..........

that little boy is one the biggest blessings in my life. he has no idea the impact he's made on me. LOVE HIM.

i know today's picture was spectacular, but to me, it was priceless to find.

peace and love.

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