Friday, September 25, 2009

i know, i'm a slacker on the photo thing

so time officially gets away from me. i don't know where it goes, but it goes.

so i decided to show you a few of my pics as of late. i'll show you a few, to make up for the days i was a slacker :)

this is a pic of our youth just getting started in worship. opening tune, opening me, they went there.

and something new......i love old logos and art work. this label is from my new needles - no, not the drug kind. for my free hand embroidery projects. yes, i tried it, and i LOVE it. it'll take some practice, but i really love the classic vintage looking embroidery and i really love the idea of mixing it with beads and other textures. i have tons of ideas. and i really love getting to use my hands for this project, as well as a different part of my brain....i think. the pic next to my logo is my first two tries. like i said, i'll get there.

it'll take some time, and as in all things, there's something to learn. it's a little like gardening in a sense. its just you and this landscape and all you have are your thoughts. for me, a perfect time for the Lord to speak. over and over. to bed.

peace and love

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  1. I love your little needlepoint :D I'm excited to see your future projects :D Goodnight :D