Sunday, September 20, 2009

i have 3 minutes...and some dry time

its days like today when i have to really focus on why the world works the it does, why i do what i do day in and day out. i'm amazed at how some can overcome things so easily and i find my self so down-hearted.

but then the Lord reminds me, as i sit in silence, all of the reasons why. 1)because He's God 2)because He called me to serve the one(s) i serve 3)He called me to do what i do. and no matter how anyone else see's me, or what, or how i get through each day....He does, He calls, and He makes the calls.

i need no other reason to hold my head up HIGH than because my Savior is who He says he is.

simple enough. yet strange how often i must be reminded.

oh, and i defeated the world's worst printer ever, i win, and the ink is dry. i must go.

peace and love.

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