Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Galaxy

have you ever played super mario brothers galaxy 2...with a four year old? well, it can definitely be a lot of fun and really really frustrating.

it is one thing that i love to do with my buddy jaxson. he calls them, "bideo games"

tonight, was quite the interesting evening of gaming together because the Lord spoke this to me.

ready? k.

jaxson plays first player on the game because i am not skilled enough with both remotes and the game makes me dizzy to be quite honest. he's much better than i am. you can laugh, but its the truth. i play the second player which is actually just a little orange star that helps out mario. sad, but true.

so, tonight we're trying to get to some place in this new world and he just can't do it. and i get BEYOND frustrated with him because if he would just hand over the first player remote i could do it myself and get us to the next level.

then God whispers in my ear, "NO YOU CAN'T. isn't this a little like our relationship? you say 'dear God, i trust you, here's my life.' and five minutes later you're taking the remote away from me thinkin' you can do it yourself. frustrating isn't it?"

ouch! but oh so true.

ya. let it soak in.

don't we all do that? life (and mario brothers ;)) would be so much easier if we would just give full trust to Lord and just sit back and let Him get us there.

love you. peace.

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